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Real World Note: Since Windows Vista, there is no technical requirement to create reference images in order to deploy Windows. The main reason for creating reference images, meaning images with one or more applications in them, is often just deployment speed, and to some extent network efficiency WIM images are highly compressed. However, in a world with better and better peer to peer solutions, better networking, better hardware, you can make deployments go quite fast even without a reference image.

While more and more organizations are moving to use a thin image, and deploy settings and applications at deployment time instead, if you still need a reference image. Here is how to create one. Due to how aggressive Windows 10 is regarding updating its native applications, which is known for breaking Sysprep, make sure the virtual machine does not have Internet access during the build and capture process.

Tip: Daniel Barras thank you , commented about a solution I was not aware of, removing the need for blocking Internet access. And then Steyrs also, thank you provided the below steps:. Adding a registry key. Add a “Run command line” in your task sequence. Enter this as your Command line:.

Replace state. Place your modified State. That way it will get copied to your client when running the task sequence. Add those two command lines before the Sysprep step. I added them in my State Restore section of the task sequence. MDT can be installed either on a file server, or on your own laptop, but in this scenario, I use a file server named MDT The entire process for creating a Windows 10 image using MDT takes about 20 — 30 minutes, fully automated.

This guide covers the following seven steps:. Copy the x86 version of the new Microsoft. Replace the existing file. Copy the x64 version of the new Microsoft. Options: default. Once the deployment share is created you also want to relax the security a bit.

MDT locks it down to hard by default. Note: Make sure to always download the latest version of Windows 10 Enterprise 21H2. Microsoft releases new media monthly. On my server it was mounted to the D: drive. Note: The Windows 10 media comes with many Windows version, in the below example I simply removed all but the Enterprise version, and gave it a better name. Using an elevated Command prompt , download the installers by running the following command: setup.

Right-click the Microsoft folder, and select New Application. Use the following settings for the New Application Wizard :. To configure the deployment settings, you modify the two rules files Bootstrap. Below you find the configurations I used in this guide. Note: To make sure Sysprep does not fail during the build and capture process, make sure the virtual machine you are using does not have Internet access during the entire process.

Ive got an error during my Build and Capture TS and i dont know how to fix it. At the finale step when. But if i go to pxe boot into my Build and Capture share — TS is continues and starting create. Sorry for the late reply, but it sounds like the BCD entry doesn’t get created correctly.

Oh, i figured it out — just use previous model of laptop that i used to build and capture. HP Probook G5 instead G8. Thats all. Cant say what was the problem. Maybe drivers, maybe something else. Good catch, but you should never capture a physical device.

Always run the build and capture on a virtual machine Hyper-V or VMware. Hi Eric, For me, it’s been many years since I have seen that. A temporary workaround is to simply attach a second disk to the VM, and modify the backup path to save the WIM on that one. Hi Johan, thanks for this. You mentioned downloading the latest win 10 version and also disabling the internet connection for the VM so Sysprep becomes more reliable.

Thanks for the post, really struggling with MDT and newer versions of Windows 10, coming across errors at every turn. Have seen elsewhere the suggestion to disable Internet access, but I’m finding this difficult, as I run MDT on a different machine than I do the capture on. Making Hyper-V network run Internal Only of course cuts access to the network for this capture. Just wondering if you had come across any other solutions?

Do you typically create your images offline? I’ve started to create the images offline since Sysprep is failing so frequently. Just makes the process more reliable. Please log in again. The login page will open in a new tab. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. About the author. Notify of. Newest Oldest Most Voted. Inline Feedbacks. Johan Arwidmark. Reply to Jury. Reply to Johan Arwidmark.

Reply to Eric. Reply to Kishan. Reply to Martin. Thanks very much Johan and Daniel , I’ll give that a try! Are you setting this registry key in the task sequence or somewhere else? Reply to Joseph. Sorry for the very late reply, I have updated the post with instructions.

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Windows adk windows 10 21h2.Windows ADK versions


Upgrade to Microsoft Edge to take advantage of the latest features, security updates, and technical support. For more information, see the following articles:. Infrastructure requirements for OS deployment. Download the Windows ADK. Windows PE is a windoww installer. The following table lists the versions of the Windows ADK windows 10 64 iso download pc you can use with different versions of Configuration Manager. Configuration Manager windows adk windows 10 21h2 the use of older versions of Windows PE as boot windows adk windows 10 21h2, but you can’t windkws them in the Configuration Manager console.

For more information, see Customize boot images with Configuration Manager. When you use a Windows based boot image with an OS deployment task sequence sindows includes the Pre-provision BitLocker step, the step читать fail. You’ll see errors similar to the following strings in the smsts. Run the following command:. Wndows more information on this registry key, see Change the TPM owner password. Supported OS versions for clients.

Skip to main content. This browser is no longer supported. Table of contents Exit focus mode. Table of contents. Important Windows PE is a separate installer. Submit and view feedback for This product This page. View all page feedback. Additional resources In this article. We’ll document any known issues or caveats.


Download and install the Windows ADK | Microsoft Learn.Support for the Windows ADK in Configuration Manager

Web18 rows · Nov 29,  · Windows ADK can be installed in two modes: online mode and offline mode. The setup files are. WebADK for Windows 10 21H2? I’m using VLS media from Jan along with the latest and greatest ADK which is supposed to be compatible with Windows 11 21H2 and . WebSep 22,  · Windows 11 ADK version for 21H2 – Before you install the ADK for Windows 11, ensure you uninstall the old version of ADK first. The installation . WebNov 10,  · Windows 10, version 21H2 is designated for broad deployment. As always, we recommend that you update your devices to the latest version of Windows 10 as . WebNov 26,  · Before you deploy Windows 10 21H2 using SCCM task sequence, ensure you are using ConfigMgr and above in your setup. The following table by Microsoft .

Windows adk windows 10 21h2.Download and install the Windows ADK

WebSep 22,  · Windows 11 ADK version for 21H2 – Before you install the ADK for Windows 11, ensure you uninstall the old version of ADK first. The installation . WebMay 15,  · Step 1 – Install Windows ADK for Windows 11, and MDT Step 2 – Create the MDT Build Lab Deployment Share Step 3 – Import the Windows 10 operating . WebApr 11,  · There’s an article here which uses Windows 11 ADK to install Windows 10 21H2, it does seems to work (replace.me . WebNov 10,  · Windows 10, version 21H2 is designated for broad deployment. As always, we recommend that you update your devices to the latest version of Windows 10 as .

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