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WebRPMS Tool for S.Y. | Proficient Teachers RPMS Tool for S.Y. | . AdAccess Tax Forms. Complete, Edit or Print Tax Forms Instantly. Get Started Now! Register and Subscribe Now to work on your IRS Form MISC & more fillable forms. WebOpcrf Original Title: OPCRF Uploaded by Shayne Marie Sangil Ortega .


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To browse Academia. Kenneth Njeru. Dakmara Georgescu. Generosa Genosa. IOSR Journals. Janet Cuenca. Dominador N Marcaida Jr. Shree Prasad Devkota. Cirila Cobrana. Nor’Aini Yusof. Nurlign Birhan. Natasha Veale. Michelle Navarro. Iwan Krisnadi. Clven Odin. Ricks Dalida. Michelle Lumanlan. Ernesto Schiefelbein. Mahendra Jung shahi. Maintained clean, well-lighted and well- projects 3 – Three 3 programs and projects were ventilated classrooms functional and properly utilized 3- Completed and maintained Three 3 e.

Constructed and maintained perimeter fence to 2 – Implemented Two 2 programs and projects programs and projects within the ensure safety of students while in campus 2 -Two 2 programs and projects were scheduled time frame f.

Posted Safety Signages 1 – One 1 program and project was programs and projects within the h. Installed Hand Washing Facilities functional and properly utilized scheduled time frame i. Maintained Functional School Clinic j. Maintained Science Laboratory 1- Completed and maintained One 1 k. Maintained TVL Laboratories program or project within the scheduled time frame.

SF7 the school. Teachers program assignment in adherence to laws, policies, acceptable MOVs classes the school. Summary of Teaching Loads guidelines and issuances based on the needs of the school. Undertakes personal actions and behaviors that are clear and purposive and takes into account personal goals and values congruent to that of the organization. Displays emotional maturity and enthusiasm for and is challenged by higher goals Prioritize work tasks and schedules through Gantt charts, checklists, etc.

Maintains professional image: being trustworthy, regularity of attendance and punctuality, good grooming and communication. Makes personal sacrifices to meet the organization’s needs.

Acts with a sense of urgency and responsibility to meet the organization’s needs, improves systems and help others improve their effectiveness. Innovation Result Focus Achieves results with optimal use of time and resources most of the time. Avoids rework, mistakes and wastage through effective work methods by placing organizational needs before personal needs.

Delivers error-free outputs most of the time by conforming to standard operating procedures correctly and consistently. Expresses a desire to do better and may express frustration at waste or inefficiency. May focus on new or more precise ways of meeting goals set. Makes specific changes in the system or in own work methods to improve performance. Examples may include doing something better, faster, at a lower cost, more efficiently; or improving quality, costumer satisfaction, morale, without setting any specific goal.

Promotes collaboration and removes barriers to teamwork and goal accomplishment across the organization. Applies negotiation principles in arriving at win-win agreements. Drives consensus and team ownership of decisions. Works constructively and collaboratively with others and across organizations to accomplish organizational goals and objectives. Service Orientation Can explain and articulate organizational directions, issues and problems.

Develops and adopts service improvement programs through simplified procedures that will further enhance service delivery. Innovation Examines the root cause of problems and suggests effective solutions. Demonstrates an ability to think “beyond the box”. Continuously focuses on improving personal productivity to create higher value and results.

People Development Promotes a creative climate and inspires co-workers to develop original ideas or solutions. Translates creative thinking into tangible changes and solutions that improve the work unit and organization. Uses ingenious methods to accomplish responsibilities. Demonstrates resourcefulness and the ability to succeed with minimal resources. Printers, modems, multimedia projectors, etc. Prepares simple presentation using Powerpoint.

Utilizes technologies to: access information to enhance professional productivity, assists in conducting research and communicate through local and global professional networks. Recommends appropriate and updated technology to enhance productivity and professional practice.

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Difficulty Beginner Intermediate Advanced. Explore Documents. Uploaded by Felynar Gasang. Did you find this document useful? Is this content inappropriate? Report this Document. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Competence Human Resources. Revised Opcrfs for Htprincipals Action Plan Drrm. Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

Brigada Eskwela Steering and working Committee. Yes Please. Annual Implementation Plan. Learning Delivery Modality-Implementation-Plan.


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